Jr. High Falcon Players Present The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet

The Jr. High Falcon players performed three showings of “The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet” on November 2nd and 3rd. Audiences at all performances were treated to hilarious and enthusiastic performances by the cast of 24 students. Xander Bille and Jasmin Levy, as Thing 1 and Thing 2, narrated the play with wit and perfect timing. Romeo and Juliet (Dylan Crow and Hope Carney) both shined in their roles as star-crossed lovers, balancing Seuss-ish comedy with undertones of Shakespearian tragedy. Tyson Amos, Gracie Elliott, and Chase Knappe, as Tybalt, Benvolio, and Mercutio kept the crowds laughing throughout. Jr. High crew members, led by Lien Nguyen and Samantha Schaffer, did an amazing job with costumes, prop, hair, and make-up. “This play was so much fun to produce, perform, and watch,” said director Denise Johnson, “I can’t wait to work with this group of students again.”

Jr. High Falcon Players Presents The Storybook Reunion Murders

The Jr. High Falcon Players ended their 2-night run of The Storybook Reunion Murders Friday night, February 10th.  Every member of the ensemble cast played his/her part perfectly. Especially good performances were given by Jack (Druex Rude) and Prince (Xander Bille), whose clever banter drew many laughs from the near-capacity audience. Equally memorable was the chemistry between Cow (Tyson Amos) and Queen (Taylor Munck). Katy Flannery was a hit as the lovable but dimwitted “Dawg”. Ebbe Weaver and Denise Johnson, the plays directors are “very happy with the way our first attempt at the comedy/mystery genre came together so well.”

JH Falcon Players – You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

The Junior High Falcon Players concluded their 3-performance run of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown on Friday night, February 12, 2016. Julian Alejandre shined as the title character, and Kalysta Nash entertained and amused as his best friend, Snoopy. The ensemble/choir members helped bring the musical numbers to life, and the junior high and school crew members worked hard behind the scenes.  Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Weaver, the play’s co-directors, are very pleased with the production and extend a special thank you to Ms. Goodman for her stage-side piano playing during the show.

You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown Photo Gallery


Special Performance 2.12.16

Guest Interview 2.12.16

JH Morning Show – Crew Introductions 2.11.16

JH Morning Show – Charlie Brown & the Main Character Introductions 2.10.16

JH Morning Show – Charlie Brown’s Pals Introductions 2.9.16

JH Morning Show – Bunnies Introductions 2.8.16

JH Morning Show – You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown Preview 1.26.16

JH Falcon Players – Charlie Brown Cast/Crew List

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Cast/Crew List

Charlie Brown                                                  Julian Alejandre

Lucy                                                                 Ellen Lerma

Linus                                                                Maya Ferrerra

Patty                                                                 Becca Gustafson

Schroeder                                                         Matthew Monaghan

Snoopy                                                             Kalysta Nash

Ensemble/Choir:    Emily Lhotka, Nicole Rodriguex, Elijah Tisher-Gould, Cheyenne Bringham, Jeremiah Thomas, Isabelle Webb, Annette Lobos, Elizabeth Martin, Madison Hansen

Jr High Crew:  Autumn Carpenter, Lanie Vacha, Cecelia Listrani, Deana Watkins

HS Crew:  JT Elliott, Melissa Mena, Adalila Machic, Shayla Lam, Joleen Shiroma, Jesse Fink, Karizma Zackery, Steffanie Maldonado Sosa

JH Falcon Players – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of the Black Forest

 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of the Black Forest performed to near capacity crowds Thursday and Friday, November 5th and 6th.  The Junior High Flacon Players put on a great show, with especially talented performances by Maya Ferrara as Maid Dim Witty, Becca Gusfaston as the Queen, and Ellen Lerma as the “punny” narrator, Time. Audience favorite Minh Nguyen also stole the show as double-talking dwarf Echo Echo. Play directors Mrs. Weaver and Ms. Johnson were thrilled with the students’ performances and at “how well everything came together without a hitch”.

JH Falcon Players – Snow White Cast/Crew List

Junior High Cast/Crew

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of the Black Forest

Snow White                                               Kalysta Nash

Queen                                                        Becca Gustafson

King                                                          Julian Alejandre

Prince                                                       Matthew Monaghan

Maid Dim Witty                                       Maya Ferrara

Time                                                         Ellen Lerma

Hickory                                                    Melanie Diaz

Dickory                                                   Abigael Castaneda

Dock                                                        Emily Lhotka

Curly                                                       Sophia Maldonado

Weepy                                                     Isabelle Webb

Echo Echo                                               Minh Ngyuen

Little Banjo                                              Dreux Rude

Bunny                                                      Madison Hansen

Primrose                                                  Elizabeth Martin

Tillie                                                        Liliana Fendell

Hoot                                                         Carsyn Tupper

Tree #1                                                    Cecilia Listrani

Tree #2                                                    Sofia Hoover

Tree #3                                                    Jillian Shastid

Tree #4                                                    Kassidy Dooley

Jr High Crew:  Isabella Montenegro, Samone Avila, Caleb Hampson, Lanie Vacha

 Anysah Gomez, Rachel Howard, Ali Alkazaly, David Maron

HS Crew: JT Elliott, Crista Marchi, Noah Calderone, August Swick, Kania Diaz, Mellissa Mena, Shayla Lam, Adalila Machic, Montana MacNeil, Karizma Zackery, Eli  Marchi, Violet Helfrich, Katie Tuminello, Jaidan Shaw, Joleen Shiroma,  Jesse Fink