HS Speech & Debate at the Winter Trophy Championships – Kief places first

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Kief for her Championship in Poetry Interpretation. Kaitlyn led North Pointe’s Speech and Debate team at the Winter Trophy Championships held at Arcadia HS. Kaitlyn was presented with her championship trophy, the coveted event poster and a college scholarship for her fourth event championship of the season. Kaitlyn also placed 3rd in Dramatic Interpretation and 5th in Congressional Debate. Kenleigh Dooley was in tears when the poster drop revealed her name as a finalist in Humorous Interpretation. “ Kenleigh’s reaction was priceless; it’s moments like these that remind coaches why they do what they do,” said Coach Richards. Julian Alejandre placed 3rd in Programmed Oral Interpretation and was a semi-finalist in Humorous Interpretation. Adalila Machic- Huitzil was a semi- finalist in Original Oratory and Freshman, Ty-Reek Gilliam was a semi-finalist in Humorous Interpretation.

Speech and Debate at Division II State Finals

Congratulations to The Prep’s Speech and Debate Team for the outstanding performances at the Division II State Finals. Special congratulations to junior, Kaitlyn Kief who placed in four events. Kaitlyn placed 2nd in Poetry Interpretation, 3rd in Dramatic Interpretation, 4th in Congressional Debate and 3rd Place in Public Forum Debate with partner,  Vincent Jasso who placed in three events: 3rd in Congressional Debate, 3rd in duo Interpretation, with partner, Daniel Mena, and red Place in Public Forum Debate. Freshman, Julian Alejandre placed second in humorous interpretation and 4th in duo interpretation with his partner, freshman, Ellen Lerma. “This is a fantastic accomplishment for a freshman to place so high at the state finals in such a competitive event; we are all so proud of Julian,” said Coach Richards. “We had a great tournament and each an every team member did their part, as we were competing against schools with many more entries; I am proud of the team and can’t wait to see what the underclassmen can do next year,” Richards added. The team combined to finish fourth in a competitive sweepstakes category. Every team member did their part and contributed to a great state finals!

Humorous Interpretation
Julian Alejandre 2nd Place
Kenleigh Dooley semi-finalist
Michael Palermo semi-finalist

Dramatic Interpretation
Kaitlyn Kief- 3rd
Daniel Winstanley 4th

Poetry Interpretation
Kaitlyn Kief – 2nd
Daniel Mena 5th

Duo Interpretation
Vincent Jasso and Daniel Mena 3rd
Julian Alejandre and Ellen Lerma 5th

Prose Interpretation
James Brady Mayo 4th

Expository Speaking
Amy Lavelle 5th Place

Public Forum Debate:
Vincent Jasso and Kaitlyn Kief 3rd Place

Congressional Debate:
Vincent Jasso 3rd
Kaitlyn Kief 5th

HS Speech and Debate at Central HS

Congratulations to The Prep Speech and Debate team for their performances at The Bobcat Bonanza at Central High School. Kaitlyn Kief was Event Champion in Congressional Debate, placed 3rd in Poetry Interpretation and debated her way to Octo-Finals in Public Forum Debate with the help of her Debate partner, Vincent Jasso. Vincent placed second in Congressional Debate, sixth in Extemporaneous  Speaking and made it to quarter-finals in Duo Interpretation with partner, Daniel Mena. Freshman, Julian Alejandre finished 6th in Humorous Interpretation. 

Congressional Debate: House 2 
Event Champion: Kaitlyn Kief 
Congressional Debate: House 3
2nd Place: Vincent Jasso
Poetry Interpretation: 
3rd Place: Kaitlyn Kief
Semi-finalist: Daniel Mena
Extemporaneous Speaking: 
5th Place: Vincent Jasso
Humorous Interpretation: 
6th Place: Julian Alejandre
Duo Interpretation:
semi-finalist: Ellen Lerma and Julian Alejandre
Quarter-Finalists: Daniel Mena and Vincent Jasso
Programmed Oral Interpretation:
Semi-finalist: James Brady Mayo
Impromptu Speaking: 
Semi-finalist: Adalila Machic-Huitzil
Prose Interpretation: 
Michael Palermo

HS Speech and Debate at Chandler Prep

Congratulations to the Speech and Debate team for their awards won at The Prep Schools Invitational. Special congratulations to event champions in duo Interpretation, freshmen Julian Alejandra and Ellen Lerma and event champion in poetry Interpretation, Kaitlyn Kief. Kaitlyn and her Debate partner, Vincent Jasso earned 2nd place in Public Forum Debate making this The Prep’s best Debate finish this year. Vincent  added a third place finish in extemporaneous speaking and Julian earned a 5th place in Humorous Interpretation to round out the list of double award winners. 
Duo Interpretation:  
Event Champions: Ellen Lerma and Julian Alejandra

Poetry Interpretation: 
Event Champion: Kaitlyn Kief 
Daniel Mena 5th Place 

Public Forum Debate:
Kaitlyn Kief and Vincent Jasso 
Brady Mayo and Amy Lavelle: Quater-Finalists 
Extemporaneous Speaking: 
Vincent Jasso: 3rd Place 
Prose Interpretation: 
Adalila Machic- Huitzil 3rd Place 
James Brady Mayo: semi finalists 
Michael Palermo : Semi-Finalists 
Humorous Interpretation: 
Julian Alejandra 5th Place
Michael Palermo: Semi -Finalists 
Original Oratory: 
Kenleigh Dooley: Semi-Finalists 
Expository Speaking: 
Adalila Machic-Huitzil Semi-Finalists 

HS Speech & Debate at ASU Prep

Congratulations to the Speech and Debate winners at the ASU Championships. The Prep’s winners competed against 1700 students from 10 different states in Arizona’s biggest competition of the season. Congratulations to double winners, Vincent Jasso and Kaitlyn Kief. Special mention to Daniel Mena and Adalila Machic-Huitzil for winning awards in their events.
Extemporaneous Speaking:
Vincent Jasso 4th Place

Poetry Interpretation:
Kaitlyn Kief: 4th Place
Daniel Mena: 6th Place
Prose Interpretation:
Adalila Machic-Huitzil: Semi-Finalist
Impromptu Speaking:
Vincent Jasso: Semi-Finalist
Dramatic Interpretation:
Kaitlyn Kief: quarter-finalist

Speech and Debate at Greenway High School

Congratulations to the Speech and Debate team for their performance at The Winter Trophy tournament at Greenway. Special congratulations to Kaitlyn Kief and Vincent Jasso who each took home Three awards. Kaitlyn was the Event Champion in Dramatic Interpretation, finished Second in Poetry Interpretation and with partner, Vincent Jasso finished 3rd in Public Forum Debate. Vincent added a 2nd place finish in Congressional Debate and a  3rd place in extemporaneous speaking.

Dramatic Interpretation

Event Champion: Kaitlyn Kief

4th Place: Daniel Mena

6th Place: Daniel Winstanley

Programmed Oral Interpretation

2nd place: Alex Goehring

4th Place: Natalie Quintero

Impromptu Speaking:

2nd place: Adalila Machic-Huitzil

Semi-finalist: Vincent Jasso

Extemporaneous speaking:

3rd: Vincent Jasso

Congressional Debate:

2nd Place: Vincent Jasso

6th Place: Brady Mayo

Poetry Interpretation:

2nd Place: Kaitlyn Kief

Semi-finalist: Rebecca Akers

Humorous Interpretation:

3rd place: Julian Alejandra

Expository Speaking:

3rd Place: Kathryn Ashley

Prose Interpretation:


Adalila Machic-Huitzil

Natalie Quintero

Brady Mayo

Public Forum Debate:

3rd Place: Jasso and Kief

Speech and Debate at Mountain View

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Kief who was Event Champion in poetry interpretation at the largest Speech and Debate Tournament of the year, featuring 800 competitors from four states at Mountain View High School. Vincent Jasso added a 6th place finish in Impromptu Speaking and added a Congress Finalist award as did Kaitlyn. The team is looking forward to taking this momentum into next week, where the team will compete at Mesquite High School. 

Poetry Interpretation:

Event Champion- Kaitlyn Kief

Impromptu Speaking:

Vincent Jasso- 6th place

Adalila Machic-Huitzil – semi-finalist

Prose Interpretation:

Brady Mayo- semi-finalist

Duo Interpretation:

Julian Alajandra & Ellen Lerma- semi-finalists

Public Forum Debate

Jasso-Kief – quarter-finalists

Congressional Debate

Vincent Jasso- finalist

Kaitlyn Kief- finalist