Competition Percussion at Desert Ridge

On Saturday, March 4, 2017 North Pointe’s Competition Percussion performed in its second competition of the season at Desert Ridge High School in Mesa.  This was a very important competition for North Pointe as it was WGAZ’s Percussion Focus Show with a nationally-recognized judging panel.  In this competition, North Pointe went up against other marching percussion ensembles from Rincon/University High School from Tucson, Perry High School from Chandler, Campo Verde High School from Gilbert, Gilbert High School, Basha High School from Chandler, Deer Valley High School from nearby Glendale, Mesquite High School from Gilbert, and nearby rivals Apollo High School.  North Pointe added to their production of “The Crooked Man” and gave a much improved performance which put the rest of WGAZ’s Scholastic A class on notice.  In a very close competition North Pointe finished in 3rd place with a score of 77.95 behind Gilbert’s Campo Verde Indoor Percussion Ensemble (80.75) and Gilbert Indoor Percussion (79.75).
According to director Luis Fisher, “our students have worked extremely hard to add another movement to their show as well props that added an extra visual dimension.  The additions to the show was well received by both the judges and the audience alike.  One of the visual judges even said that our performance gave him goosebumps right from the very start.  We still have a lot of work to do to finish our production and then clean up the show.  We have another huge show this coming Saturday at Gilbert High School.  This will put us one step closer to our goal of a state championship.”

HS A Capella at Herberger Theater

On Sunday, February 26th, the A Cappella group performed at the Herberger Theater for the Downtown Phoenix monthly open mic night.  The program was filled with various acts of poetry, comedy, and music from all ages, and the audience was very receptive to the group’s performance. They began with a rendition of Crazy in Love (originally performed by Beyonce) featuring junior Thiara Febres, and freshman Maya Ferrara capped the night off with a stellar performance of Pink’s Glitter in the Air.  Freshman Hailie De La Rosa made her beatboxing debut with the group as well.

Director Megan Goodman was once again very pleased with the performance.  “The group has really unified over the past several weeks and has developed a signature sound.  As a director, it’s always incredibly rewarding when you can just sit back and enjoy the performance, and the students really proved tonight that they are making huge strides in a positive direction.  Every week, every rehearsal seems to make them better and better performers!”

HS A Cappella at Tempe Center for the Arts

On Wednesday, February 15th, the A Cappella group had their debut performance of the semester at Tempe Center for the Arts.  The group performed the song “Glitter in the Air”, originally sung by Pink, and featured freshman Maya Ferrara as the lead vocalist.  The crowd was very enthusiastic and responsive to the performance! Director Megan Goodman was very pleased with the performance and the turn out for the open mic night.  “This group has had quite a few setbacks this semester leading up to this performance, but despite everything working against them, they have pulled together and worked really hard for this night! All that work is paying off, and it’s exciting to think about what they will be able to accomplish for the rest of the semester!”

HS Speech and Debate at Central HS

Congratulations to The Prep Speech and Debate team for their performances at The Bobcat Bonanza at Central High School. Kaitlyn Kief was Event Champion in Congressional Debate, placed 3rd in Poetry Interpretation and debated her way to Octo-Finals in Public Forum Debate with the help of her Debate partner, Vincent Jasso. Vincent placed second in Congressional Debate, sixth in Extemporaneous  Speaking and made it to quarter-finals in Duo Interpretation with partner, Daniel Mena. Freshman, Julian Alejandre finished 6th in Humorous Interpretation. 

Congressional Debate: House 2 
Event Champion: Kaitlyn Kief 
Congressional Debate: House 3
2nd Place: Vincent Jasso
Poetry Interpretation: 
3rd Place: Kaitlyn Kief
Semi-finalist: Daniel Mena
Extemporaneous Speaking: 
5th Place: Vincent Jasso
Humorous Interpretation: 
6th Place: Julian Alejandre
Duo Interpretation:
semi-finalist: Ellen Lerma and Julian Alejandre
Quarter-Finalists: Daniel Mena and Vincent Jasso
Programmed Oral Interpretation:
Semi-finalist: James Brady Mayo
Impromptu Speaking: 
Semi-finalist: Adalila Machic-Huitzil
Prose Interpretation: 
Michael Palermo

HS Competition Percussion at Millennium HS

On Saturday, February 11, 2017 North Pointe’s Competition Percussion Ensemble performed in its first competition of the season at Millennium High School in Goodyear.  In this competition, North Pointe went up against other marching percussion ensembles from Rincon/University High School from Tucson, Perry High School from Chandler, and nearby rivals Apollo High School.  North Pointe added to their production of “The Crooked Man” and improved upon their exhibition performance from last week at Williams Field High School.  In a very close competition North Pointe finished in 2nd place with a score of 77.375 behind Tucson’s Rincon/University Drumline (77.7).  Even though North Pointe finished behind Rincon/University’s ensemble they topped them in two of the four scored captions (by .5 in Music and .2 in Visual).  Also, the North Pointe ensemble suffered a timing penalty of 3.4 points due to not having at least four minutes of performance time.  This penalty reduced their final score to 73.975 but they remained in 2nd place.  Apollo finished in 3rd place with a score of 71.3 (.55 point in penalties) and Perry finished in 4th place with a score of 60.4 (8.85 points in penalties). According to new director Luis Fisher, “our percussion students are some of the most talented in the state of Arizona and they proved that once again Saturday evening with their first competitive performance of the 2017 season.  They have absorbed a lot of information in a short amount of time and are performing at a very high level.  Their efforts and dedication to excellence has put us back on track to pursue another state championship in the Winterguard Arizona (WGAZ) Percussion Scholastic A – National class.  Their wins in the Music and Visual captions Saturday night were well-deserved and was the result of hours of hard work both in and out of the classroom over the past two weeks.  Our instructional staff and student leaders will continue to push the ensemble forward as well as continue to push the creative musical and creative envelope.  I look forward to what this season has in store for us.”

Jr. High Falcon Players Presents The Storybook Reunion Murders

The Jr. High Falcon Players ended their 2-night run of The Storybook Reunion Murders Friday night, February 10th.  Every member of the ensemble cast played his/her part perfectly. Especially good performances were given by Jack (Druex Rude) and Prince (Xander Bille), whose clever banter drew many laughs from the near-capacity audience. Equally memorable was the chemistry between Cow (Tyson Amos) and Queen (Taylor Munck). Katy Flannery was a hit as the lovable but dimwitted “Dawg”. Ebbe Weaver and Denise Johnson, the plays directors are “very happy with the way our first attempt at the comedy/mystery genre came together so well.”

HS Competition Percussion at Williams Field HS

On Saturday, Februrary 4th, the North Pointe Indoor Percussion team had their first performance of the competition season at Williams Field High School. The group debuted their show entitled “The Crooked Man”, which tells the dark story of an innocent young girl who is corrupted by an evil spirit who eventually takes her soul.  Jesse Ponce and Elizabeth Aguirre are featured as the Crooked Man and the young girl, respectively.  While this was just an Evaluation Show, meaning the performance was not actually scored, the judges were very impressed with the group’s ability to convey the story to the audience, and with the technical level of marching and music performance the group demonstrated.  Afterwards, the students had a chance to receive feedback from the judges, who gave the group notes of how to move forward with the show for the rest of the season.

Directors Luis Fisher and Justin Kline were very impressed with the group’s performance.  “We are so proud of the sheer amount of work and commitment the students are putting forward this year to make this show happen, and we are very excited to see what the season has in store for North Pointe!”