Marching Band at Millennium High School

Marching Band had their final performance this weekend, competing in AzMBA at Millennium HS in Division 2A. This was their final performance of the season, led by drum majors Ericka Ross (senior) and John Fitzner (junior).  The band ended their season taking 2nd place overall and winning overall percussion.  Director Chris Holtzem said,”It had been by far the best year for North Pointe Marching Band. I’m so proud of what this group has accomplished this year. I can’t wait to see what they do next!”

Marching Band at Williams Field Competition

October 22, 2016

The North Pointe Prep Marching Band had their competitive debut this weekend at Williams Field high school competing in AzMBA. They performed their show, ‘The Twilight Zone’, led by Drum majors Ericka Ross and John Fitzner. The band did a phenomenal performance featuring soloist Oliver Pickering which had the crowd hooting and hollering throughout the entirety of their production. North Pointe came out on top during awards as they received awards in the captions of 1st in percussion, 1st in general effect, and 1st in music. They also received 2nd place in color guard, and received 1st place overall. Director Chris Holtzem said, ‘We never know how the judges will react towards the work that we’ve done, and it’s inspiring and exciting to see North Pointe’s marching band getting recognition in the competitive arena!’

HS Marching Band FFN Halftime Performance

North Pointe Prep’s Marching Band had their first performance this past Friday for the halftime show. Their show entitled, ‘The Twilight Zone’ takes us through the story of a couple visiting a hotel. Although this experience turns out being none like any other experience they have had before. Through its twists and turns, an elevator ride takes them into a crazy world called the Twilight Zone where their version of reality becomes greatly skewed.

Led by Drum Majors Ericka Ross, and John Fitzner, the marching band has been working very hard since the 2nd week of summer vacation to bring you the performances you will see this season. Director Chris Holtzem says, ‘Keep tuning in to our next several performances, because the story just gets crazier from here!’

2016-2017 Arts Performance Schedule


Nov 1 – Fall Awards Night – 7 pm

Falcon Players
Aug 3 – Twelve Angry Jurors Auditions, 3:45 pm
Aug 4 – Twelve Angry Jurors Call Backs, 3:45 pm
Sept 29 – Twelve Angry Jurors Performance, 6 pm
Sept 30 – Twelve Angry Jurors Production, 1 pm*students only
Sept 30 – Twelve Angry Jurors Production, 6 pm
Dec 6 – Mickey’s Christmas Carol Production, 7 pm
Dec 7 – Mickey’s Christmas Carol Production, 7 pm
Dec 8 – Mickey’s Christmas Carol Production, 7 pm
Dec 9 – Mickey’s Christmas Carol Production, 1 pm*students only
Dec 9 – Mickey’s Christmas Carol Production, 7 pm
Feb 7 – Addams Family Auditions, 3:45 pm
Feb 8 – Addams Family Call Backs, 3:45 pm
Apr 28 – Addams Family Production, 1 pm*students only
Apr 28 – Addams Family Production, 6 pm
Apr 29 – Addams Family Production, 6 pm

Speech & Debate
Oct 7-8 Lost Dutchman at Red Mountain HS
Oct 21-22 Jim Fountain Classic at McClintock HS
Nov 11-12 Toro Country Classic at Mountain View HS
Nov 18-19 Dobson Invitational at Mesquite HS
Dec 2-3 Winter Trophy at Greenway HS
Jan 5-7 ASU Southwest Championships at ASU Tempe
Jan 13-14 Chandler Prep Tournament at Chandler Prep
Feb 10-11 Bobcat Bonanza at Central HS
Feb 25 Congress Qualifier at GCU
Mar 3-4 SWSDI at Hamilton HS
Mar 17-18 State Tournament at Thunderbird HS
Mar 23-25 National Qualifiers at PCDS

Marching Band
Oct 22 – Williams Field HS
Oct 29 – Millennium HS

A Cappella
Oct 9 – Infuse Open Mic Night at Phoenix Center for the Arts, 6 pm
Oct 23 – AZ State Fair, 12pm
Nov 2 – Infuse Open Mic Night at Tempe Center for the Arts, 5 pm
Nov 16 – Tempe Center for the Arts, 5 pm
Dec 2 – Honor Health Hospital, 5 pm
Dec 10 – Christmas Caroling at Freestone Park, 10 am
Feb 15 – Open Mic at Tempe Center for the Arts, 5 pm
Feb 26 – Open Mic at Herberger Theater, 4 pm
Apr 8 – Youth Open Mic At Avondale Library, 4:30 pm
May 3, Open Mic at Tempe Center for the Arts, 5 pm
May 10,Open Mic at Tempe Center for the Arts, 5 pm

Competition Percussion
Nov 1 – Auditions, 3:45pm
Nov 3 – Auditions, 3:45pm
Feb 4 – Williams Field HS
Feb 11 – Millennium HS
Mar 4 – Desert Ridge HS
Mar 11 – WGI Regional at Gilbert HS
Mar 18 – Gilbert HS
Mar 24-26 – San Bernardino, CA
Mar 31-Apr 1 WGAZ Championship at Desert Ridge HS

Competition Color Guard
Oct 31 – Auditions, 3:45pm
Nov 2- Auditions, 3:45pm

Falcon Players
Aug 31 – Wizard of OZ Auditions, 3:45pm
Nov 3 – Wizard of OZ Performance, 6 pm
Nov 4 – Wizard of OZ Performance, 1 pm*students only
Nov 4 – Wizard of OZ Performance, 6 pm
Dec 14 – Storybook Reunion of Murders Auditions, 3:45pm
Feb 9 – Storybook Reunion of Murders Performance, 6 pm
Feb 10 – Storybook Reunion of Murders Performance, 1 pm*students only
Feb 10 – Storybook Reunion of Murders Performance, 6 pm

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HS Football Color Guard and Percussion Auditions

HS Football Color Guard and Percussion Auditions will be held May 16-18th, in the Band Room, 3:30 pm.

Make sure to check North Pointe’s Arts Blog to get the Drumline and Front Ensemble Audition Packets.

Color Guard Auditions
May 16 – Learn Routine
May 18 – Auditions
3:30pm – 5:30pm
Meet in Band Room

Percussion Auditions
May 16 – Mallet Clinic
May 17 – Drum Clinic
May 18 – Idividual Auditions
3:30pm – 5:30pm
Meet in Band Room
Drumline Audition Packet
Front Ensemble Audition Packet

For all North Pointe HS Arts Schedules please check the ArtsHigh School Groups page on

HS Marching Band AzMBA Competition

The North Pointe Marching band attended their first ever competition this fall as they traveled out to Casa Grande High School. Reactions to their production, ‘Criminal’ were very strong, and the judges were in unanimous disbelief that this was in fact North Pointe’s very first competition.

After an incredible and confident performance by North Pointe, they received fourth place in their division. North Pointe’s Marching Band is incredibly excited to do more competing in future seasons!

Marching Band Football Friday Night

The marching band had an incredible half time production this year. Their show entitled, ‘Criminal’ was a fast-paced and energetic story of criminals attempting their escape from prison.

The entire color guard were the criminals. In the opening movement, they were all rounded up by the police (played by the rest of the marching band) and put into prison. They angrily spent time working through escape options, eventually finding a way towards the end of the first song to get most of the criminals out, leaving only 2 behind. (Color guard soloists Paige Martin and Maddy Frazier)

The second movement was about solitary confinement. Paige and Maddy did a lyrical dance representing loneliness and sadness as they longingly looked out at the criminals that had escaped. At the very end of the movement, the other criminals broke back into prison to get the last two out and succeeded!

The final movement was about good reigning over bad. Just to prove that good always ends up winning, the police were able to land all of the criminals back in jail by the end.