Marching Band – State Championships at Perry HS

North Pointe’s Marching Band competed at the State Championships on Saturday at Perry High School. The Marching Band performed their show “Fuego Cubano” and left it all out on the field. The Falcons finished in 13th place with a score of 62.225. “The team performed well and came together to finish the season strong,” said senior John Fitzner.

Marching Band at Mountain Ridge

North Pointe’s Marching Band competed this weekend at Mountain Ridge High School.  They received the High Visual Caption Award, Best in Individual Musical Category, and 3rd place overall.  “We continue to improve and are feeling confident and ready for state competition,” said senior John Fitzner.

Marching Band at Millennium HS

The North Pointe Marching Band received 2nd in general effect, 2nd in music, 2nd in visual, and 1st in percussion. The lack of a color guard resulted in a 5th place finish this Saturday at Millennium HS. We will be having our awesome drum line spin flags for a portion of the show, which will help bring up the overall score significantly. Thanks to Lauren Tech for her leadership and ability to adapt mid performance. “You should feel good about your performance because you played well and achieved at a high standard. Sometimes you have to adapt to your audience because they are expecting certain things,” said Director Sadlo.

2017-2018 Performance Schedule

Christmas Show
December 13 – A Monster Christmas, 7 pm
December 14 – A Monster Christmas, 7 pm
December 15 – A Monster Christmas, 7 pm

Falcon Players
August 7 – 1984 Auditions, 3:30 pm
August 9 – 1984 Callbacks, 3:30 pm
October 25 – 1984 Dinner Theatre, 6 pm (Tickets Required)
October 26 – 1984, 6 pm
October 27 – 1984, 1 pm *Students Only
October 27 – 1984, 6 pm
February 5 – James and the Giant Peach Auditions, 3:30 pm
February 7 – James and the Giant Peach Callbacks, 3:30 pm
April 25 – James and the Giant Peach Dinner Theatre, 6 pm
April 26 – James and the Giant Peach, 6 pm
April 27 – James and the Giant Peach, 1 pm *Students Only
April 27 – James and the Giant Peach, 6 pm

Speech and Debate
September 30 – Congress @ Chandler Prep
Oct 20 & 21 – Lost Dutchman @ Red Mountain
October 27 & 28 – Jim Fountain Classic @ McClintock HS
November 10 & 11 – Toro Country Classic @ Mountain View HS
November 17 & 18 – Water Tower Invitational @ Mesquite HS
December 1 & 2 – Winter Trophy @ Arcadia HS
January 12 & 13 – Prep School Classic @ Chandler Prep
January 26 & 27 – Bobcat Bonanza @ Central HS
February 10 – NSDA Congress Qualifier @ Mountain View
March 2 & 3 –  SWSDI Tournament @ TBD
March 9 & 10— AIA State Tournaments (Pending)
March 22 & 24 – NSDA District Qualifier Tournament @ TBD

Marching Band
October 14 at Millennium HS
October 21 at Williams Field
October 28 at Mountain Ridge
November 11 AZ Championships at Perry HS

Competition Percussion
To Be Announced

Competition Color Guard
To Be Announced

JH Arts Performance Schedule
November 2 – The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet, 6 pm
November 3 – The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet, 1 pm *Students Only
November 3 – The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet, 6 pm
February 8 – The Glass Slipper, 6 pm
February 9 – The Glass Slipper, 1 pm *Students Only
February 9 – The Glass Slipper, 6 pm


Marching Band at Millennium High School

Marching Band had their final performance this weekend, competing in AzMBA at Millennium HS in Division 2A. This was their final performance of the season, led by drum majors Ericka Ross (senior) and John Fitzner (junior).  The band ended their season taking 2nd place overall and winning overall percussion.  Director Chris Holtzem said,”It had been by far the best year for North Pointe Marching Band. I’m so proud of what this group has accomplished this year. I can’t wait to see what they do next!”

Marching Band at Williams Field Competition

October 22, 2016

The North Pointe Prep Marching Band had their competitive debut this weekend at Williams Field high school competing in AzMBA. They performed their show, ‘The Twilight Zone’, led by Drum majors Ericka Ross and John Fitzner. The band did a phenomenal performance featuring soloist Oliver Pickering which had the crowd hooting and hollering throughout the entirety of their production. North Pointe came out on top during awards as they received awards in the captions of 1st in percussion, 1st in general effect, and 1st in music. They also received 2nd place in color guard, and received 1st place overall. Director Chris Holtzem said, ‘We never know how the judges will react towards the work that we’ve done, and it’s inspiring and exciting to see North Pointe’s marching band getting recognition in the competitive arena!’

HS Marching Band FFN Halftime Performance

North Pointe Prep’s Marching Band had their first performance this past Friday for the halftime show. Their show entitled, ‘The Twilight Zone’ takes us through the story of a couple visiting a hotel. Although this experience turns out being none like any other experience they have had before. Through its twists and turns, an elevator ride takes them into a crazy world called the Twilight Zone where their version of reality becomes greatly skewed.

Led by Drum Majors Ericka Ross, and John Fitzner, the marching band has been working very hard since the 2nd week of summer vacation to bring you the performances you will see this season. Director Chris Holtzem says, ‘Keep tuning in to our next several performances, because the story just gets crazier from here!’