Fall Arts Festival – Jr. High/HS Dance

On Wednesday, November 29th, North Pointe’s Dance Program presented: Trove. The show kicked off with a Jr. High class performing Singin’ in the Rain, and included class dance collaborations in which high school students created a story and portrayed it through simple props and choreography. In second period’s dance, Let’s Get Ridiculous, a girl’s text to her friends “to hang out” turned into a “ridiculously” good time.  A Ballet class’s music malfunction brought out student’s sassy hip hop moves in fifth period’s dance; The Nutcrackers. 

In addition to the dance department’s usual, upbeat jazz and hip hop dance numbers, this semester’s show included three contemporary pieces; Satellite, Believer and Stand by Me.

Satellite was choreographed by Jr. High students Grace Chapman, Adriana Howard, Kaylie Kolb, Amelia Murray and Nasser Sinnokrot.  High school dancers and choreographers, McKenzie Bishop, Mieja Levy, Anna Nguyen & Valeria Nuno Medina wowed the crowd with their technique and emotion in Stand by Me.  Lost and vulnerable, “the group” discovered something to believe in again after an encounter with the charismatically evil man in the red shirt. . Miss Dabkowski’s creation Believer was darker than her usual sassy, upbeat pieces and was thrilled when her students “took to” the concept and change of pace.

When commenting on Trove she stated, “The students blew me away this semester with their creativity, energy and dedication! It is unbelievable how much theses students have grown in such a short period of time.”

Fall Arts Festival – Jr. High/HS Piano and Guitar

The Jr. High and High School Piano/Guitar students presented a sincere performance on Tuesday evening for the second day of the Fall Arts Festival.  The concert included  the “oldies” Stand by Me and Duke of Earl.  The 4th period Jr. High Piano/Guitar class also performed The Beatles favorite Let it Be.  The concert was an application of the study of chords, classical guitar technique, and strumming patterns which all of the students have been striving to master.  Most of the students have only started to learn to play the guitar for the first time during the second quarter of this school year, but they have taken on this task with bravery considering the difficulty beginning to play the instrument.  The night was concluded with five dedicated and very hard working soloists.  Paul Dellinger performed a demanding classical guitar arrangement of Felix Mendelssohn’s Hark! The Herald Angels Sing to contribute to the holiday season.  Gabriel Aukett, Christian Gonzalez, Lauren Hutchison, and Jacilyn Norton all played advanced piano solos with a fantastic feeling which could be felt throughout the theater.  Instructor Justin Leon commented on the evening, “I am delighted to work with such hard working and thoughtful students, I look forward to each school day because I know they will be filled with emotionally captivating experiences of musicianship.”

Fall Arts Festival – Dance

The dance program concluded the Fall Arts Festival with Lights Camera, Dancin’: The Sounds of Movies. Dancers performed to songs such as, You Can’t Stop The Beat, We Go Together, Beautiful People and Can’t Stop the Feeling, all of which are from movies. In addition to Ms. Cara’s choreography, the show featured student choreography from both the Jr. High and High School and along with a class collaboration for the dance number Time of My Life. Dance teacher Miss Cara commented, “Words cannot describe how proud I am of all the students! Everyone came together and worked as a team, which is what made the show so great!”

Fall Arts Festival – Choir

On Tuesday night, all three choirs performed for the Fall Arts Fest for a packed theater.  The Jr. High Choir began the program, which was titled Music and Poetry, with a few songs utilizing lyrics from poets like Langston Hughes and Emily Bronte. They closed their part of the program with two holiday songs from the Home Alone movie series.  
Following the Jr. High choir was the High School Beginning Choir.  They led their part of the program with two poetic songs, There Will Come Soft Rains, detailing the horrors of WWI, and The Old Mill, which depicted the life of an old miller.  They then performed a winter poem written by Edgar Allen Poe, and finished up their part of the program with two Christmas favorites, Carol of the Bells and Here Comes Santa Claus.
The night ended with the Advanced Choir, performing several very challenging a cappella pieces.  The group closed the poetry part of their concert with Eric Whitaker’s Sleep, which has been a challenge for the group all semester.  The men and women were each featured in their own separate holiday piece, Ding a Ding and The Holly and the Ivy, respectively.  The group closed the performance with Woods, originally by Bon Iver, which featured soloists Seth Villaescusa, Phoenix Briggs, Itzia Crespo, Daniel Mena, Thiara Febres, Joseph Perez, Emily Morgan, Becky Heller, Kaitlyn Kief, and Haylie Perna.  
Director Megan Goodman was very pleased with the outcome of this year’s Arts Fest performance. “All three of these groups started the semester in a very different place than where we ended, and I wasn’t entirely sure we would be able to pull off some of these pieces.  The students have worked SO HARD this semester to make this performance happen, and I’m very proud of the work they have put in and the dedication they have shown to North Pointe choirs.”

Fall Arts Festival – Band

Wednesday night was a grand event as the Jr. high and High school concert bands performed in the nest. This concert was titled, ’The Journey’ and featured both percussion and band musicians. Each song performed at this concert was meant by the composer to tell a story of a journey that was taken just as North Pointe students are being encouraged to start their personal journeys as well.

Jr. high band, being the largest it has been in five years started out the night with ‘Alien Invasion’ and ended their program with the piece ‘Ancient Voices’ which was a joint piece with high school band. High school band opened their portion of the concert with ‘Into the Clouds!’ and finished the evening with the action packed piece, ‘Relentless’.

Director Chris Holtzem said, ‘This is such a talented group of young musicians. I’m so grateful for the hard work they have put in and can’t wait to return next semester for the Spring Concert!’

Fall Arts Festival – Jr. High Theatre

Tonight the Junior High Theatre program made history by performing in their first ever Fall Arts Festival.  This was a night of many firsts as nearly all of the performers had never acted in front of a crowd or even been on a stage before but they worked hard all semester on learning basic technique and overcoming their fears. All 3 classes performed reader’s theatre versions of childhood classics from ‘Fox in Socks’ to a series of Shel Silverstein poems.  Theatre Teacher Dave Coffman was quick to show praise on his new, would-be actors “I’m so proud of all these students, many of whom would not even get up in front of class in the beginning…they’ve come so far.”


The Fall Arts Festival concluded with a night of dance, and kicked off with an encore of lunch time’s On Stage Performance.
“The students worked so hard on that performance and I wanted them to be able to share it with their family and friends, as well as their peers,” North Pointe’s dance teacher, Miss Cara Dabkowski. For the second half of the dance recital, students were dressed in red,green, ugly Christmas sweaters, Hawaiian shirts and as Rudolph and drummer boys for a, you guessed it, Christmas Themed Performance. Routines were choreographed to remixes of popular Christmas Carols, such as Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jingle Bells and “Drummer Boy.
After the performance Miss Cara stated, “I am unbelievably proud of all of my students! They put on an amazing show and wowed a packed audience with their dance skills and smiles, I couldn’t be happier.”

Arts Festival HS & JH BAND

Day 2 of the arts festival, representing the North Pointe Band classes was a huge success! This night featured Christmas music by the Jr. High Band and the High School Band and Percussion class. With a night of performances by students in their first year of music, to their 8th year of music, it was a concert to remember.

Jr. High Band opened up the night Christmas favorites including, ‘Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer’, and ‘Frosty the Snowman’. They put on an incredibly confident, enjoyable and skillful performance for a jam-packed audience.

High School Band closed the night with some fantastic pieces including, ‘Ukranian Bell Carol’, ‘Christmas Song’ featuring the NP Choir classes, and ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ featuring soloists John Fitzner and Mercy Henriksen. It was a festive and joyous concert filled with Christmas cheer and of course, fantastic music!

Arts Festival – Choir

The Fall Arts Festival kicked off with a night of performances on Tuesday from North Pointe’s choral ensembles.  Leading off the concert was the newly-formed a cappella group, Under Arrest. The 10 members entertained the audience with their arrangements of Top 40 songs such as I Need Your Love, If I Die Young, and Daft Punk, all without the use of any instrumentation or accompaniment.  The Junior High choir followed next, performing some holiday favorites including “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “Welcome Christmas” from How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and featured a few prominent soloists.  The Beginning High School choir had the audience laughing and having fun with their concert closer entitled “Reuben and Rachel”.  For this concert, the Advanced Choir split into men’s and women’s ensembles for the first portion of their performance, before joining together to end their segment with an a cappella rendition of “Linus and Lucy”.  The concert concluded with all choirs combining to sing “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”.  Director Megan Goodman commented, “All of the groups put in so much hard work and effort this semester, and it paid off tonight in a fantastic concert! Each of these groups continues to get better every semester!!”