Competition Percussion at San Bernardino, CA

On Saturday, March 25th, the North Pointe Indoor Percussion traveled to San Bernardino, California to debut their show “The Crooked Man”, in the WGI Power Western competition. This was the second time that the group traveled to California to compete and perform their show against 22 other groups in our division. Of the many shows and groups that competed, none barred any resemblance to “The Crooked Man” which tells the dark story of an innocent young girl who is corrupted by an evil spirit who eventually takes her soul.  Jesse Ponce and Elizabeth Aguirre are featured as the Crooked Man and the young girl, respectively.  Although we were placed at 16th for our division, the students used this experience as a motivation to continue to put forth 100% effort as we steer towards our championships performance next weekend.

Directors Justin Kline and Luis Fisher were very impressed with the group’s performance. “We made it to California and we showed the world what we have, now let’s show Arizona what we can do!”