Competition Percussion at Gilbert HS

On Saturday, March 18th, the North Pointe Indoor Percussion team returned to Gilbert High school for a second time this season to perform their show “The Crooked Man”, which tells the dark story of an innocent young girl corrupted by an evil spirit who eventually takes her soul. Jesse Ponce and Elizabeth Aguirre are featured as the Crooked Man and the young girl, respectively. The group worked all through spring break in preparation for today’s show, and it payed off, because they managed to secure a first place win. Many of the judges commented on the group’s ability to convey the story to the audience, and the technical level of marching and music performance the group demonstrated.

Director Justin Kline was very impressed with the group’s performance. “With San Bernardino around the corner, it’s now more important than ever that we continue with our best foot forward and show everyone exactly what North Pointe is made of!”