HS A Capella at Herberger Theater

On Sunday, February 26th, the A Cappella group performed at the Herberger Theater for the Downtown Phoenix monthly open mic night.  The program was filled with various acts of poetry, comedy, and music from all ages, and the audience was very receptive to the group’s performance. They began with a rendition of Crazy in Love (originally performed by Beyonce) featuring junior Thiara Febres, and freshman Maya Ferrara capped the night off with a stellar performance of Pink’s Glitter in the Air.  Freshman Hailie De La Rosa made her beatboxing debut with the group as well.

Director Megan Goodman was once again very pleased with the performance.  “The group has really unified over the past several weeks and has developed a signature sound.  As a director, it’s always incredibly rewarding when you can just sit back and enjoy the performance, and the students really proved tonight that they are making huge strides in a positive direction.  Every week, every rehearsal seems to make them better and better performers!”