Fall Arts Festival – Choir

On Tuesday night, all three choirs performed for the Fall Arts Fest for a packed theater.  The Jr. High Choir began the program, which was titled Music and Poetry, with a few songs utilizing lyrics from poets like Langston Hughes and Emily Bronte. They closed their part of the program with two holiday songs from the Home Alone movie series.  
Following the Jr. High choir was the High School Beginning Choir.  They led their part of the program with two poetic songs, There Will Come Soft Rains, detailing the horrors of WWI, and The Old Mill, which depicted the life of an old miller.  They then performed a winter poem written by Edgar Allen Poe, and finished up their part of the program with two Christmas favorites, Carol of the Bells and Here Comes Santa Claus.
The night ended with the Advanced Choir, performing several very challenging a cappella pieces.  The group closed the poetry part of their concert with Eric Whitaker’s Sleep, which has been a challenge for the group all semester.  The men and women were each featured in their own separate holiday piece, Ding a Ding and The Holly and the Ivy, respectively.  The group closed the performance with Woods, originally by Bon Iver, which featured soloists Seth Villaescusa, Phoenix Briggs, Itzia Crespo, Daniel Mena, Thiara Febres, Joseph Perez, Emily Morgan, Becky Heller, Kaitlyn Kief, and Haylie Perna.  
Director Megan Goodman was very pleased with the outcome of this year’s Arts Fest performance. “All three of these groups started the semester in a very different place than where we ended, and I wasn’t entirely sure we would be able to pull off some of these pieces.  The students have worked SO HARD this semester to make this performance happen, and I’m very proud of the work they have put in and the dedication they have shown to North Pointe choirs.”