Fall Arts Festival – Band

Wednesday night was a grand event as the Jr. high and High school concert bands performed in the nest. This concert was titled, ’The Journey’ and featured both percussion and band musicians. Each song performed at this concert was meant by the composer to tell a story of a journey that was taken just as North Pointe students are being encouraged to start their personal journeys as well.

Jr. high band, being the largest it has been in five years started out the night with ‘Alien Invasion’ and ended their program with the piece ‘Ancient Voices’ which was a joint piece with high school band. High school band opened their portion of the concert with ‘Into the Clouds!’ and finished the evening with the action packed piece, ‘Relentless’.

Director Chris Holtzem said, ‘This is such a talented group of young musicians. I’m so grateful for the hard work they have put in and can’t wait to return next semester for the Spring Concert!’