Marching Band at Williams Field Competition

October 22, 2016

The North Pointe Prep Marching Band had their competitive debut this weekend at Williams Field high school competing in AzMBA. They performed their show, ‘The Twilight Zone’, led by Drum majors Ericka Ross and John Fitzner. The band did a phenomenal performance featuring soloist Oliver Pickering which had the crowd hooting and hollering throughout the entirety of their production. North Pointe came out on top during awards as they received awards in the captions of 1st in percussion, 1st in general effect, and 1st in music. They also received 2nd place in color guard, and received 1st place overall. Director Chris Holtzem said, ‘We never know how the judges will react towards the work that we’ve done, and it’s inspiring and exciting to see North Pointe’s marching band getting recognition in the competitive arena!’