On Stage in the Plaza – Dance Classes

On October 12th, 2016 Junior High and High School dance classes performed “On Stage” for their peers during lunchtime. This years song choices were all from movies; You Can’t Stop the Beat, We Go Together, Shut Up and Drive and Can’t Stop the Feeling were numbers performed by the junior high students. The high school performance featured three dance numbers choreographed by students. Seniors Illan Quionoez, Ashley Cavalo and Mikayla Shepherd showcased their choreography with a routine to Work From Home, Freshmen Mia Felix, Annie Lobos and Salma Sinnoklrot proved they “ain’t afraid of no ghosts” with their choreography in Ghostbusters and Becky Heller, Taht  Mason, Taylor Cavalo and Ethan Conroy “stepped it up” in their number Bounce. Delirious and Tricky were the two group routines performed. 

Miss Cara Dabkowski, the dance teacher, commented; “I was extremely happy with how the performances went, the students did an excellent job!”