HS Falcon Players Presents 12 Angry Jurors

The first show of the year for the Falcon Players is one that will not soon be forgotten; for a multitude of reasons.  “12 Angry Jurors” for many, will be remember for its intense dialogue, incredibly strong characters and the ease at which these 13 actors told the story of how these twelve strangers deliberated the fate of a young man.  The show was a first for North Pointe; presenting a serious drama with very little set, lights or gimmicks and simply resting on the shoulders of the actors to tell the story…something they did beautifully.  The actors all worked incredibly hard on creating their characters, actually adding bits of themselves, in the hopes that the audience would be able to ‘feel’ their show instead of simply ‘watching’ it…a goal that Director Dave Coffman said he felt the cast had “most definitely” achieved.  For others; it will be remembered as the show they were sorry they missed, sadly a car accident and power outage forced us to cancel the last show of the run leaving many without the opportunity to see and experience the hard work of these young, dedicated performers.  While the cast was disappointed with the cancellation they were all grateful and excited to be a part of such a wonderful production and are looking forward to what the future of North Pointe Theatre has to offer.  “Thank you to all who supported us and again, apologies to those who were unable to see it,” said the Director, Mr. Coffman.