Competition Percussion at WGAZ State Championships

Competition percussion had the conclusion of an intense season this weekend as they competed at state championships in the GCU arena. With their final performance of this year’s show, ‘Elasticity’ they once again got an incredible crowd response. Their incredible performance, high energy, and enjoyable show design earned them a bronze medal to add to the group’s already impressive record. This marks the third out of 5 years of existence that the group has medaled, and with a shocking 50% of them being brand new to the activity! 

Director Chris Holtzem said, ‘I am just so excited to have the group we have. We have so much room to grow, and so much potential, that there truly is no limit to what we can accomplish. I’m so proud of this group and their ability to achieve everything I’ve thrown at them (Which is truly saying something. TRUST ME).’