The Fall Arts Festival concluded with a night of dance, and kicked off with an encore of lunch time’s On Stage Performance.
“The students worked so hard on that performance and I wanted them to be able to share it with their family and friends, as well as their peers,” North Pointe’s dance teacher, Miss Cara Dabkowski. For the second half of the dance recital, students were dressed in red,green, ugly Christmas sweaters, Hawaiian shirts and as Rudolph and drummer boys for a, you guessed it, Christmas Themed Performance. Routines were choreographed to remixes of popular Christmas Carols, such as Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jingle Bells and “Drummer Boy.
After the performance Miss Cara stated, “I am unbelievably proud of all of my students! They put on an amazing show and wowed a packed audience with their dance skills and smiles, I couldn’t be happier.”