Marching Band Football Friday Night

The marching band had an incredible half time production this year. Their show entitled, ‘Criminal’ was a fast-paced and energetic story of criminals attempting their escape from prison.

The entire color guard were the criminals. In the opening movement, they were all rounded up by the police (played by the rest of the marching band) and put into prison. They angrily spent time working through escape options, eventually finding a way towards the end of the first song to get most of the criminals out, leaving only 2 behind. (Color guard soloists Paige Martin and Maddy Frazier)

The second movement was about solitary confinement. Paige and Maddy did a lyrical dance representing loneliness and sadness as they longingly looked out at the criminals that had escaped. At the very end of the movement, the other criminals broke back into prison to get the last two out and succeeded!

The final movement was about good reigning over bad. Just to prove that good always ends up winning, the police were able to land all of the criminals back in jail by the end.