Competition Percussion State Championships

March 27-28, 2015

North Pointe Percussion had an absolutely amazing weekend as they went into their fourth WGAZ Championship competition of existence. After an absolutely incredible season, they took the Division title on Friday night advancing on to state. The next day, when the top 8 groups went on to the State Championships, they wowed the judges and the audience again to win the State title for Percussion Scholastic A!

This season of WGAZ has given birth to the largest group membership that the division has ever had in its history, and with the most talented groups competing against North Pointe. Even so, they continue to challenge the organization to grow by doing things that other groups are not even thinking of and excelling at techniques and ideas that only groups of a higher level are attempting.

Also, a huge shout out to the 4 members who are graduating this year as part of the inaugural group of participants that have been here since the beginning; Lilli Black, Dustin Endicott, Sadie Segovia, and Logan Wozniak. Their dedication and motivation to keep the group going has been inspirational and has no doubt helped shape the group into what it was this year!

“I have been so blessed to have the group I had this year. Everyone asks me time and time again how we are able to do the things that we do for our programs, and how we were able to succeed this year. My answer to them is that I have the best performers in the world who will follow me to the end and do whatever I ask without question. This is the only way our organization can do the things that they do in performance. I can’t put into words my feelings on the success of this season, or how sad I am to see it end. But I am so grateful for the year we’ve had this year and can’t wait to do it again next year!” said Director Holtzem.

The title of the show this year was, ‘What Goes Around’ and was a concept show about circular motion. The theme was represented heavily by movements on the floor, bright and happy music where the theme and melody keep on coming back around, and never before seen props such as frisbees, umbrellas, ribbons, and color guard flags.
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