Speech & Debate State Championship

March 20-21, 2015

The seniors on The Prep’s Speech and Debate team made the most of their last State Finals by earning Five State Championships in Division II State Finals held March 20-21st. Troy Tauscher earned State Championships in Congressional Debate House III and Extemporaneous Speaking, Zachary Hugo was State Champion in Congressional Debate House I and Duo Interpretation with his Partner Tommee Gleason. Chrycia Legendre added a state Championship in Poetry Interpretation. The five state championships in Speech and Debate are the most the team has won. “ This group of senior team members are special; they work hard, play hard, and represent NP with integrity and grace,” said Coach Richards. “ It is a great day, when hard work is rewarded; I cannot think of a better way to end their high school Speech and Debate careers other than with State Championships,” added Richards.  Other notable seniors, Holly Bernstein and Amber Root combined with underclassmen, Kaitlyn Kief, Vincent Jasso, Amy Lavelle, Daniel Mena, Victoria Lucero, Leilani Viscaina, Timothy Etherington, and Bryan Aguilar Quintero and help contribute to the team’s 3rd place finish overall.

Congressional Debate:

House I: 

State Champion:  Zachary Hugo

5th place: Holly Bernstein

House II:

6th Place: Vincent Jasso

House III:

State Champion: Troy Tauscher

6th Place: Amy Lavelle

Extemporaneous Speaking:

State Champion: Troy Tauscher

6th Place: Vincent Jasso

Duo Interpretation:

State Champion: Zachary Hugo – Tommee Gleason

5th Place: Amber Root- Daniel Mena

Poetry Interpretation:

State Champion: Chrycia Legendre

4th Place: Zachary Hugo

Expository Speaking:

2nd Place: Chrycia Legendre

4th Place: Amber Root

5th Place: Holly Bernstein

Original Oratory:

6th Place: Kaitlyn Kief

Duo Acting:

5th Place: Leilani Viscaina- Victoria Lucero

Prose Interpretation:


Bryan Aguilar-Quintero

Timothy Etherington

Dramatic Interpretation:

Semi-Finalist: Kaitlyn Kief

Impromptu Speaking:

Semi-Finalist: Vincent Jasso

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