HS Speech & Debate at Bobcat Bonanza at Central HS

February 6-7, 2015

At the largest tournament held this year in Arizona, Zachary Hugo and Tommee Gleason again take the stage for The Prep’s Speech and Debate team as they qualified for the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC) at the Bobcat Bonanza held at Central High School. Zachary and Tommee qualified to attend the NIETOC based upon performances at Central and ASU in Duo Interpretation. “It is an honor that they have worked toward for four years, I am so proud to have seen them achieve such success,” said Coach Richards. Tommee also qualified in Humorous Interpretation by finishing 2nd. Other noteworthy placements at the tournament were seniors, Troy Tauscher who placed 2nd in Congressional Debate, Chrycia Legendre who took 2nd in Expository speaking and Zachary Hugo, who added a 3rd place finish in Congressional Debate, and a 2nd in Poetry Interpretation.

Humorous Interpretation: 

2nd Place: Tommee Gleason

Poetry Interpretation: 

2nd Place: Zachary Hugo

Semi-Finalist: Chrycia Legendre

Duo Interpretation: 

6th Place: Tommee Gleason-Zachary Hugo

Expository Speaking: 

2nd Place: Chrycia Legendre


6th Place: Kaitlyn Kief

Extemporaneous Speaking: 

Semi-Finalist: Troy Tauscher

Congressional Debate: 

2nd Place: Troy Tauscher

3rd Place: Zachary Hugo

Public Forum: 


Troy Tauscher-Zachary Hugo

Kaitlyn Kief- Holly Bernstein