HS Speech & Debate at Prep Schools Invitational

January 16-17, 2015

Senior Zachary Hugo continued to dominate Poetry Interpretation this year as he added an championship in poetry, and combined to win the tournament individual sweepstakes by accumulating the most points, at the Prep Schools Invitational at Chandler Preparatory. Freshman, Kaitlyn Kief grabbed and event championship of her own, as the NP Speech and Debate team combined awards to finish 3rd overall in sweepstakes.

Poetry Interpretation:
Event Champion: Zachary Hugo
2nd place: Tommee Gleason

Declamation Interpretation:
Event Champion: Kaitlyn Kief

Original Prose and Poetry:
2nd Place: Zachary Hugo

Extemporaneous Debate:
3rd place: Zachary Hugo

Expository Speaking:
4th Place: Chrycia Legendre
6th Place: Amber Root

Duo Interpretation:
4th Place: Bryan Aguilar-Joseph Peraza
6th Place: Amber Root – Daniel Mena

Extemporaneous Speaking:
5th Place: Troy Tauscher

Humorous Interpretation:
Semi-Finalist: Tommee Gleason

Prose Interpretation:
Semi-Finalist: Amy Lavelle

Original Oratory:
Semi-Finalist: Kaitlyn Kief