HS Speech & Debate at Mountain View Tournament

November 7-8, 2014

The Prep’s speech and debate team, once again had a spectacular competition at Mountain View High School, where the team combined to place in the sweepstakes top three and was the most efficient school. This tournament was the largest tournament of the year and the competition included the largest schools in Arizona. “I am so proud of all of the team members,” said Coach LeAnn Richards, “12 of the 13 students we had at the tournament went to semi-finals and finals,” she added. First year team members as well as the returning members all contributed to the overall team rankings.

Congressional Debate:
House: Troy Tauscher: 5th place
Vincent Jasso
Holly Bernstein

Finalist: Zachary Hugo
Poetry Interpretation:
2nd place: Zachary Hugo
Semi-Finalist: Amber Root

2nd: Kaitlyn Kief

Extemporaneous Speaking:
3rd Place: Troy Tauscher
5th Place: Vincent Jasso

Duo Interpretation:
4th Place: Tommee Gleason-Zachary Hugo
6th Place: Amber Root – Daniel Mena

Expository Speaking:
5th Chrycia Legendre
6th Holly Bernstein

Prose Interpretation:
Troy Tauscher
Timothy Etherington
Amy Lavelle

Original Oratory:
Holly Bernstein
Zachary Hugo
Amy Lavelle

Impromptu Speaking:
Vincent Jasso